30 Dec, 2022
Nov-Dec 2022 Issue
1. Master's Degree in the Field of Medical Ethics and Law

2. New CMEL Research Fellows

3. Journal Articles
• "Assessing the Content Quality of Online Parental Resources about Newborn Metabolic Disease Screening: A Content Analysis"
• 'Reproductive Health Deemed "Non-Essential" During COVID-19: A Neglected Health Vulnerability'
• "Loneliness at the Age of COVID-19"
• "Loneliness is Major Public Health Concern, and Bioethicists Should Rise to the Challenge"
• "A Comparative Study of How the Right of Publicity in the Common Law of the United States Coheres with the Personality Rights in the Civil Act of South Korea"

4. Upcoming Webinars
• Book Talk on "A Theory of Bioethics "
• Collaborative Governance of Genomic Research
• Annual Review of Hong Kong Health Law in 2022
• Book Talk on "Healthcare Law and Ethics: Principles & Practice "
• Book Talk on "The Battle for your Brain: Defending the Right to Think Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology"
• Use of Unproven Medical Interventions During Public Health Emergencies: Just what is the MEURI "Protocol"?

5. Video Recording
• Advance Directives and Euthanasia

6. Newspaper Article

7. MEHU Updates

8. Medical Law Updates
31 Oct, 2022
Sep-Oct 2022 Issue
1. Book: Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law

2. Articles
• "Civil Liabilities of Fertility Fraud: Focusing on the Decision from the Court of Appeals of Indiana in the United States"
• "How Hong Kong Won Its 150-year Struggle Against Malaria"
• "Technological Solutions to Loneliness—Are they enough?"
• "Zoonoses and Animal Culling: The Need for One Health Policy"

3. Upcoming Events
• Preservation of Dignity in the Terminally Ill
• Ethical and Legal Complexities in Genomic Data Sharing in Consortia: Reflections from Asia, Africa, and Europe
• The Bioethics of Loneliness

4. Recording
• "MEDIATION IN HONG KONG": Focus on Medical and Dental Disputes

5. Media/ Legal Updates
• Manslaughter of Terminally-ill Wife
• Wristbands for Monitoring Emotions
• Invalidating COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificates
31 Aug, 2022
Jul-Aug 2022 Issue
1. Publications
• Credentialling—Myths, Challenges and Spirit
• Respecting Values and Perspectives in Biobanking and Genetic Research Governance: Outcomes of a Qualitative Study in Bengaluru, India

2. RGC Grant
• Regulatory Governance of AI in Medicine in the Greater Bay Area

3. Events
• Adult Guardianship Regimes
• Cost Predictions in Health Insurance
• Contact Tracing and Proximity Tracking
• Use of Genomic Data
• AI
• Digital Capabilities

4. Media
• Proposed Ban on Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

5. MBBS Student Essays
• Ethical Considerations of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination among Healthcare Workers in Hong Kong
• Transgender in Hong Kong: Ethics and Medicolegal Perspectives

6. Health Law Updates
• Medical Council’s Guidance on Telemedicine
• COVID-related Amendments to Employment Ordinance
30 Jun, 2022
May-June 2022 Issue
1. Publications
• Technology and the Public Interest
• Emerging Technologies
• COVID-19
• Planetary Health
2. Events
• Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics
• Sharing of Genetic Data for Research
• Digital Capacity and the Proposed International Pandemic Preparedness Treaty
• Public Health Emergency Constitutions in the SARs
3. Health Law Updates
• Model Clauses on Cross-border Transfers of Personal Data
• Applying Medical Evidence from the Study of Aetiology to Causation in Law
• Discrimination Claims by Student with Depression and Anxiety Disorder
• Landmark Case on Abortion Right Overruled
29 Apr, 2022
March-April 2022 Issue
1. New publications

2. Upcoming webinars
• CMEL: [Book Talk] "For the Common Good: Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics"
• CHM and MEHU: Indigenous Healers and Ayahuasca Tourists in a Capitalist World
• MEHU: From Birth to Death: What Might Person-Centred Care Look Like?

3. Video recordings of recent webinars
• Annual Review of Hong Kong Health Law in 2021
• The Governance of the Progress of Gene-Editing Technologies: A Critical Response from a Biomedical, Ethical, and Legal Perspective
• Protecting Policy Holders’ Interests in Health Insurance
• Personal Data Protection Regimes and the Sharing of Human Genetic Data for Research

4. Media interviews

5. Medical law updates
• Appeals in the "DR Beauty" gross negligence manslaughter case
• Challenge to the Vaccine Pass system
• Reflecting change of sex on identity cards
14 Feb, 2022
January-February 2022 Issue
1. New publications
2. Events
• Information Session for the Master of Laws in Medical Ethics and Law Programme
• Webinar on Relational Autonomy and Informed Consent
• Webinar on Hong Kong Health Law 2021
• Webinars on Gene-editing, Health Insurance and Data Access
• Global Health & Humanities Book Talk Series
• Science, Technology and Medicine Seminar Series
• Medical Humanities "Conversations & Connections" Seminar
3. Knowledge exchange
• Media Interviews
• Consultation for a Fact-check Service
4. Medical law updates
• Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Preliminary Investigation Committee of the Medical Council of Hong Kong v Hospital Authority
• New Anti-doxxing Law in Force

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