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Student Fellowship Scheme for Research Postgraduate Students

Joining CMEL as Student Fellows


The Student Fellowships connect students to CMEL’s network of experts and give them an opportunity to work with CMEL’s faculty members on their research projects. It will be good for your CV. Student Fellows will also be placed on the mailing list of CMEL to receive news and event announcements. They will be able to attend CMEL’s seminars/conferences for free or receive a discount, should any registration fee be payable for the event.


Successful candidates will be conferred the Student Fellowship for one year (or for some other period as may be agreed with CMEL). Each Student Fellow will be considered for renewal every year until s/he writes to CMEL to terminate the fellowship or until his/her postgraduate studies at HKU ends.


Currently, no fee is payable by Student Fellows for their respective fellowships.

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