31 Oct, 2022
Sep-Oct 2022 Issue
1. Book: Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law

2. Articles
• "Civil Liabilities of Fertility Fraud: Focusing on the Decision from the Court of Appeals of Indiana in the United States"
• "How Hong Kong Won Its 150-year Struggle Against Malaria"
• "Technological Solutions to Loneliness—Are they enough?"
• "Zoonoses and Animal Culling: The Need for One Health Policy"

3. Upcoming Events
• Preservation of Dignity in the Terminally Ill
• Ethical and Legal Complexities in Genomic Data Sharing in Consortia: Reflections from Asia, Africa, and Europe
• The Bioethics of Loneliness

4. Recording
• "MEDIATION IN HONG KONG": Focus on Medical and Dental Disputes

5. Media/ Legal Updates
• Manslaughter of Terminally-ill Wife
• Wristbands for Monitoring Emotions
• Invalidating COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificates
31 Aug, 2022
Jul-Aug 2022 Issue
1. Publications
• Credentialling—Myths, Challenges and Spirit
• Respecting Values and Perspectives in Biobanking and Genetic Research Governance: Outcomes of a Qualitative Study in Bengaluru, India

2. RGC Grant
• Regulatory Governance of AI in Medicine in the Greater Bay Area

3. Events
• Adult Guardianship Regimes
• Cost Predictions in Health Insurance
• Contact Tracing and Proximity Tracking
• Use of Genomic Data
• AI
• Digital Capabilities

4. Media
• Proposed Ban on Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

5. MBBS Student Essays
• Ethical Considerations of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination among Healthcare Workers in Hong Kong
• Transgender in Hong Kong: Ethics and Medicolegal Perspectives

6. Health Law Updates
• Medical Council’s Guidance on Telemedicine
• COVID-related Amendments to Employment Ordinance
30 Jun, 2022
May-June 2022 Issue
1. Publications
• Technology and the Public Interest
• Emerging Technologies
• COVID-19
• Planetary Health
2. Events
• Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics
• Sharing of Genetic Data for Research
• Digital Capacity and the Proposed International Pandemic Preparedness Treaty
• Public Health Emergency Constitutions in the SARs
3. Health Law Updates
• Model Clauses on Cross-border Transfers of Personal Data
• Applying Medical Evidence from the Study of Aetiology to Causation in Law
• Discrimination Claims by Student with Depression and Anxiety Disorder
• Landmark Case on Abortion Right Overruled
29 Apr, 2022
March-April 2022 Issue
1. New publications

2. Upcoming webinars
• CMEL: [Book Talk] "For the Common Good: Philosophical Foundations of Research Ethics"
• CHM and MEHU: Indigenous Healers and Ayahuasca Tourists in a Capitalist World
• MEHU: From Birth to Death: What Might Person-Centred Care Look Like?

3. Video recordings of recent webinars
• Annual Review of Hong Kong Health Law in 2021
• The Governance of the Progress of Gene-Editing Technologies: A Critical Response from a Biomedical, Ethical, and Legal Perspective
• Protecting Policy Holders’ Interests in Health Insurance
• Personal Data Protection Regimes and the Sharing of Human Genetic Data for Research

4. Media interviews

5. Medical law updates
• Appeals in the "DR Beauty" gross negligence manslaughter case
• Challenge to the Vaccine Pass system
• Reflecting change of sex on identity cards
14 Feb, 2022
January-February 2022 Issue
1. New publications
2. Events
• Information Session for the Master of Laws in Medical Ethics and Law Programme
• Webinar on Relational Autonomy and Informed Consent
• Webinar on Hong Kong Health Law 2021
• Webinars on Gene-editing, Health Insurance and Data Access
• Global Health & Humanities Book Talk Series
• Science, Technology and Medicine Seminar Series
• Medical Humanities "Conversations & Connections" Seminar
3. Knowledge exchange
• Media Interviews
• Consultation for a Fact-check Service
4. Medical law updates
• Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Preliminary Investigation Committee of the Medical Council of Hong Kong v Hospital Authority
• New Anti-doxxing Law in Force
20 Dec, 2021
November-December 2021 Issue
1. New publications
2. Master of Laws in Medical Ethics and Law
3. Events
• Virtual information sessions for the Master of Laws in Medical Ethics and Law programme
• Webinar on Informed Consent in Healthcare
• Webinar on Hong Kong Health Law 2021
• Global Health and Humanities Book Series
• Film screening and discussion event: "Alive In The Mortuary"
4. Knowledge exchange
• Perspective from a forensic pathologist and an advocate for victims of sexual violence
• Proposal of a vaccine pass system for Hong Kong
• Call to engage in consensus building
• Governance of One Health
5. Medical law updates
• New pathway for non-locally trained doctors to practise in Hong Kong
• Ban on alternative smoking products in Hong Kong
• Appeal in the "DR Beauty" gross negligence manslaughter case: HKSAR v Chow Heung Wing, Stephen and Chan Kwun Chung [2021] HKCA 1655
• Doctor jailed for gross negligence manslaughter over death of a liposuction patient: HKSAR v Kwan Hau Chi, Vanessa [2021] HKCFI 2978
• New regulatory regime for private healthcare facilities in Hong Kong

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