Legal Updates

Resources on Gross Negligence Manslaughter

A. Case Summaries & Briefings:

1) “DR Beauty” Gross Negligence Manslaughter Case:

  1. HKSAR v Mak Wan Ling [2019] HKCFA 37 (Landmark Judgment on Elements of the Offence): click here (p.3 & 7-8) 
  2. HKSAR v Chow Heung Wing Stephen, Chan Kwun Chung and Mak Wan Ling [2018] HKCFI 60 (Reasons for Sentence in respect of D1 and D2): Click here (p.3 & 5-6)
  3. HKSAR v Mak Wan Ling [2020] HKCFI 3069 (Reasons for Sentence in respect of D3): Click here (p.3 & 8-9)
  4. HKSAR v Chow Heung Wing Stephen and Chan Kwun Chung [2021] HKCA 1655 (Appeal by D1 and D2)
  5. HKSAR v Chow Heung Wing, Stephen [2022] HKCA 313 (Appeal by D1)
  6. HKSAR v Mak Wan Ling [2022] HKCA 387 (Appeal by D3)

2) Gross Negligence Manslaughter of a Liposuction Patient: HKSAR v Kwan Hau Chi, Vanessa [2021] HKCFI 2978 (Reasons for Sentence)

B. Publications:

Journal articles by CMEL Co-Director Prof Gilberto K. K. Leung:
1) Gilberto KK Leung. “Medical Manslaughter in Hong Kong: What Now?”. Hong Kong Medical Journal (2023) 29(1):4–5.
2) Gilberto KK Leung. “Medical Manslaughter in Hong Kong—How, Why, and Why Not”. Hong Kong Medical Journal (2018) 24:384–90.

C. Webinars:

1) Webinar on Medical Manslaughter: An Overview and Case Studies co-organised by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and CMEL (4 Feb 2023)
2) Webinar: “Gross Negligence Manslaughter: Should it Apply to Healthcare Practitioners?” (9 Apr 2021):

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