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April Issue 2018

Top stories in this newsletter: CMEL April Events – CMEL had a very eventful April this year, with the introduction of our Continuing Medical Education series, our twin symposiums on ‘Policy and Regulatory Responses to New Genomic and Reproductive Technologies’ and ‘Privacy, Data Protection and Data-Sharing in Biomedical Research’, and lectures by Dr. Jeff Skopek and Mr. James Badenoch QC. A very big thank you to all our speakers, panelists and to all our participants for your support. Please...

March Issue 2018

Top stories in this newsletter: A 15 year old girl paralysed after alleged medical negligence – A 15 year old girl was paralysed after a procedure last November at United Christian Hospital that was meant to treat her acute transverse myelitis. In a press conference held recently, the girl’s family accused hospital staff of committing a series of medical errors, including the wrongful damaging of the girl’s artery while inserting a catheter into the vein, causing the girl to suffer a...

February Issue 2018

Top stories in this newsletter: First human eggs grown in laboratory – Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have grown human eggs in a laboratory for the first time. This new technique is both an opportunity to explore the development of human eggs, as well as a possible door to new methods of preserving fertility for children who undergo cancer treatment. The technique requires further work in the future, however, with only 10% of eggs reaching maturity. It also remains unclear how...

Anarchitectures of health: Futures for the biomedical drone

‘Anarchitectures of health: Futures for the biomedical drone’ explores recent developments in repurposing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for health promotion. The paper argues that the biomedical drone is contributing to a re-spatialization of health and to a process of datafication that is set to fundamentally change the nature and scope of health surveillance and governance. As well as current logistical challenges, the article discusses the techno ethical considerations and psychological impact of introducing biomedical drones into locations where UAVs have been used as deadly tools of war.

January Issue 2018

Top stories in this newsletter: Artificial intelligence developed for diagnosis of heart scans – Researchers from a hospital in Oxford have developed an artificial intelligence system that can diagnose heart scans much more accurately than cardiologists currently can. If confirmed, it will be free for NHS hospitals all over the UK. The results from this trial suggest that this system has the potential to save the NHS more than £300m a year.

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