1. Book: Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law

2. Articles
• “Civil Liabilities of Fertility Fraud: Focusing on the Decision from the Court of Appeals of Indiana in the United States”
• “How Hong Kong Won Its 150-year Struggle Against Malaria”
• “Technological Solutions to Loneliness—Are they enough?”
• “Zoonoses and Animal Culling: The Need for One Health Policy”

3. Upcoming Events
• Preservation of Dignity in the Terminally Ill
• Ethical and Legal Complexities in Genomic Data Sharing in Consortia: Reflections from Asia, Africa, and Europe
• The Bioethics of Loneliness

4. Recording
• “MEDIATION IN HONG KONG”: Focus on Medical and Dental Disputes

5. Media/ Legal Updates
• Manslaughter of Terminally-ill Wife
• Wristbands for Monitoring Emotions
• Invalidating COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificates

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