Bioethical Reflections on COVID-19
Category : COVID-19
Date : 29 Apr, 2022

CMEL's members have joined various discussions on the issues in medical ethics and law arising from COVID-19, including events organised by colleagues in the field. They have also written on this subject. Click on the links below for more information.

Archive for the Year 2022: below
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  1. Policy Report of the World Health Organization: "COVID-19 and mandatory vaccination: Ethical considerations" - 30 May 2022

    Dr Calvin Ho is a contributing author.

  2. Article: "The natural law ethics of public health lockdowns"

    In Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy - 2022

    Dr Eric C. Ip

  3. Media Interview: "Uncertain whether COVID vaccination is urgent under the Mental Health Ordinance given the lack of definition of urgency" [In Chinese only]

    In Ming Pao - 26 Mar 2022

    In an interview with Ming Pao, our Ms Daisy Cheung shared her views on whether it would be lawful for a doctor to administer a COVID vaccine to a person lacking mental capacity without consent from the guardian under the Mental Health Ordinance. 

  4. Article: "WHO guidance on COVID-19 vaccine trial designs in the context of authorized COVID-19 vaccines and expanding global access: Ethical considerations"

    In Vaccine - 25 March 2022

    Our Dr Calvin Ho is a co-author.

  5. Media Interview: "‘It has to be reasonable’: as Hong Kong weighs coronavirus testing lockdown, experts consider legal implications"

    In South China Morning Post - 3 March 2022

    In an interview with the South China Morning Post, our Dr Calvin Ho shared his views from a legal perspective on the option of imposing a lockdown in Hong Kong for its universal testing drive.

  6. Media Interview: "The End Game of China’s Zero-Covid Policy Nightmare"

    In WIRED - 18 February 2022

    In an interview with WIRED, our Dr Calvin Ho shared his views on vaccination against COVID-19 in Mainland China.

  7. Article: "Governing the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator: towards greater participation, transparency, and accountability"

    Our Dr Calvin Ho is a contributing author.
    In The Lancet - 29 Jan 2022

  8. Consultation for a fact-check service:

    Our Dr Calvin Ho was consulted on some issues by the HKBU FactCheck Service in its fact-checking exercise in relation to mandatory COVID vaccination. The relevant report of the HKBU FactCheck Service is available here [Chinese only]. 

  9. Book chapter: Covid-19 in Asia, a book edited by Victor V. Ramraj and published by Oxford University Press (2020), has now become openly accessible.

    One of the chapters in the book, "Hong Kong: The Healthcare Professions and the Outbreak" (p.251-262), was co-authored by Dr Calvin Ho & Ms Daisy Cheung
  10. Media Interview: "‘People are scared’: Xi’an residents struggle to find food and medical help"

    In Financial Times - 8 Jan 2022

    In an interview with the Financial Times, Our 
    Dr Calvin Ho shared his views on the control of the COVID pandemic in Mainland China.
  11. Media Interview: "China rushes to develop an mRNA vaccine as doubts grow over local jabs"

    In Financial Times - 6 Jan 2022

    In an interview with the Financial Times, Our 
    Dr Calvin Ho shared his views on Mainland China’s development of COVID vaccines.
  12. Article: "The International Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and an Emerging Digital Divide"

    In Asia Global Online - 5 Jan 2022
    Dr Calvin Ho
     and Dr Karel Caals

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