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The law and regulation of public health: Global perspectives on Hong Kong

Prof Eric C. Ip has published the first book-length scholarly treatment of public health law in Hong Kong. This timely book inquires into the foundational principles of a form of public health law that takes seriously the inherent dignity of the human person. Written from a multidisciplinary perspective, this illuminating study makes the case that the rule of law, just as much as population health, is an essential determinant of human well-being.

Choosing the case of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, where life expectancy is among the highest in the world, yet whose well-established rule of law tradition is oft perceived to be under strain, in describing the central dilemmas of public health law, it makes an original contribution to our knowledge of comparative public health law and public health ethics. This book lucidly urges professionals of public health and law to reflect on how the myriad legal instruments and legal institutions should best be used to promote and protect public health in ways that are at once ethical and lawful. Situating Hong Kong’s public health law in the context of global health, The Law and Regulation of Public Health should appeal across the world to students and scholars of public health, medical law, public law, comparative law, and international law. It accessibly explains the law to epidemiologists and public health policymakers, and public health to jurists and legal practitioners.

Advance directives across Asia: A comparative sociolegal analysis

This book is the first to consider comprehensively and systematically the law and practice of advance directives across Asia. It will thus be important not only as a reference volume that documents how advance directives are regulated and used throughout Asia, but also as an exploration of the concept of the advance directive itself, in context. By examining how advance directives operate in Asian countries, we will also shed light on the principle of personal autonomy in this context, alongside other values and religious and socio-cultural factors that shape health and care decision-making. As such, this book will have broad appeal not only to Asian scholars, students, policymakers and practitioners in the fields of health law and ethics and end-of-life care more generally, but will also be of wider interest to an international academic audience in the fields of law, ethics and health and social care research. This title is also available as open access on Cambridge Core.

Jan-Feb 2024 Issue

1. Message from New CMEL Co-Director Prof Eric C. Ip 2. New Book: The Law and Regulation of Public Health: Global Perspectives on Hong Kong 3. Journal Articles • “Making a case for appropriate and humane treatment of Hamas belligerents in Israel” • "Social robots to fend off loneliness?" • "The duty of care and the right to be cared for: is there a duty to treat the unvaccinated?" • "Moral sensitivity and academic ethical awareness of nursing and medical students: A cross-sectional survey" •...

Workshop on “The Intersection of Loneliness, Bioethics, and Religion”

The Beatles’ song “Eleanor Rigby” portrays both Eleanor and Father Mackenzie as experiencing loneliness: Eleanor dies alone, and Father Mackenzie delivers a sermon that goes unheard, resulting in nobody being saved. Loneliness is a prevalent issue worldwide. The BBC Survey has documented a prevalence of up to 40% loneliness among young adults globally. In South-East Asia, approximately 10% of adolescents experience persistent loneliness, while in the Middle East, the figure rises to 15% among...

Professor Edward Lui

Edward’s research examines administrative law and public law-related themes in healthcare law. He has completed the LLB and PCLL programmes at the University of Hong Kong, and also the BCL programme at the University of Oxford. His existing research has been published in a number of academic journals – including the Law Quarterly Review, Medical Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and Public Law.

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